Restorative Practice

All staff at Compass School have worked with colleagues at Restorative Solutions to become a restorative practice school.


A Restorative Practice School is where we work together as a whole school to ensure we nurture a restorative culture that will develop young people who accept responsibility for their actions, are compassionate and can deal with conflict through discussion. To do this we will ensure all members of our school community are given time and space to reflect, review and move forward from any incidents that may arise.
Parents/carers are encouraged to engage and support their children in a restorative culture resolving conflict and reducing harm not only in school but also in their everyday lives. Resulting in better relationships and empowering them to enrich their lives

What happened?
What were you thinking?
How were/are you feeling?
Who do you think has been affected?
What needs to happen/do you need to do now?

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