Mercury Class is taught by Mrs Symonds. This Intervention class (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays) follow a KS2 curriculum. A weekly assessment of progress towards behaviour and academic targets is given to the home school and communication on a daily basis to parents ensures that the right support is put into place in supporting pupils in their transition onto their next education provision.

There is a clear focus on improving pupils’ skills in Learning to Learn as well as their progress in academic learning. This is delivered through the Nurture curriculum enabling opportunities for skills development in independent learning whilst meeting their social and emotional needs.

Our current topic is ‘Rainforests’ where we are finding out all sorts of interesting facts about Rainforests around the world. We are finding out about de-forestation by reading the book ‘the Great Kapok Tree’ and we are learning to paint in the style of Henri Rousseau by studying his jungle paintings.

In Maths we are identifying 2D and 3D shapes and in Discovery Time we are learning about the animals that live in the different layers and the rainforest environment and plants.


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