Non Violent Resistance Training

What is NVR?

Non Violent Resistance is a way of working with parents and their support network in a very specific way. It looks at the model of escalation processes between parents and child and ways for overcoming escalation.

It encourages parents to take an active stance and reclaim parental presence with their children so they feel more control of their time, their home and themselves.

Research shows that the NVR approach is more effective with teenagers than other programmes.

4-8 families work together, learning and practising strategies and offering each other a chance to reinforce their hope for the future and support for coping in the present.

There will be an opportunity for parents to continue to meet following the group to continue to support each other.

Why should I find out more?

Many parents are experiencing that their children are trying to control them, sometimes to the extent that the children become physically aggressive towards them.

Parents often find that their usual strategies do not work. They try reprimands, threats and punishments and the child responds by escalating the aggressive behaviours. When parents opt for reasoning, persuasion or giving in, this also tends only to perpetuate the vicious cycle of escalating behaviour.

Parents often comment that they have tried everything and nothing has worked resulting in them feeling hopeless.

Who should I contact?

Please contact Jane Squires (SaFE Worker) on 023 8021 5320 if you would like to find out more about our next NVR course.

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