Pupils have the opportunity to study AQA GCSE Maths and are assessed by three exams at the end of Year 11; two calculator and one non-calculator paper.
Pupils will study either the Foundation paper (up to a grade 5) or the Higher paper (from grade 4 up to a grade 9).
We also offer the Functional Skills qualification and Entry Level Mathematics if appropriate.
Pupils have the opportunity to attend booster Maths classes after school to make sure they are as prepared as they can possibly be. We work with parents to provide materials for learning and revision which they can use to support their child.
Pupils are also able to take advantage of the extra support we offer in school holidays prior to exams.
Below are links to our most useful websites. Passwords are available on request from the school where required.
Click here <> for the BBC bitesize GCSE AQA Maths page. There are lots of Maths activities and games listed by topic
Click here <> for Corbett Maths. This is an excellent website with Maths videos and questions.
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