In Key Stage 4 we help our pupils become competent and confident users of ICT who can make efficient, effective and creative use of basic application software in their everyday activities.

In Edexcel GCSE ICT the pupils will learn about current and emerging digital technology and its impact on our lives, how to work with a range of tools and techniques and will explore interactive digital products such as websites, computer games and databases.

The GCSE is 60% coursework and 40% exam.

Pupils will have access to up-to-date Microsoft Office 2013 software to support their learning.

Pupils can be provided with resources to improve their ICT skills at home but will require access to Microsoft Office and/or the Internet. If pupils are unable to access IT at home they will have the opportunity to access the ICT suite outside of their core lesson times in a variety of ways to support their independent learning. This includes after school and lunchtimes.


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