Home Cooking Skills

In Key Stage 3, the pupils will focus on developing their skills in the kitchen.

They do this by cooking a range of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes. This gives pupils the opportunity to try new skills and taste new and different foods.
The aim is for pupils to develop their confidence in the kitchen, practise skills with a view to them moving to complete a Home Cooking Skills qualification in Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4, in Home Cooking Skills, we encourage pupils to try food from a range of different cultures, learn and practice skills to enable them to become confident in any kitchen and to be able to cook wholesome and balanced meals for themselves and others.
Pupils work towards achieving the Edexcel Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills BTEC Level 2.
The programme is coursework based with a practical assessment at the end, in which students are required to plan, prepare and cook a two course meal.
In each lesson, pupils follow the recipes as independently as possible. They focus on a country and cook dishes from, or inspired by, that country. The pupils also learn a little about the culture of that country by listening to music, looking at photographs, watching videos and learning about the traditions from that country. Countries that we focus on include: America, India, Mexico, Greece, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, China, Italy, France and the Caribbean.



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