Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen, these crucial skills are fundamental in everyday life. Therefore, our aim is to ensure students are developing and improving these skills through a range of engaging topics related to the real world.

In key stage 3 pupils study a variety of literary, non-literary and media texts. They learn how to write for specific purposes and a variety of audiences. They have an opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills via participation in discussions, debates and presentations.

In addition, they are encouraged to read independently with the aim of enhancing their comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.

In key stage 4 the curriculum is tailored accordingly to ensure the needs of all students are met. Pupils follow AQA GCSE English Language and Edexcel Functional Skills curriculum.

Both of these courses are designed to develop independent, creative and critical thinking skills and the confident use of the English language, as well as to encourage a lifelong love of reading. Moreover, the focus remains on ensuring students are reading fluently, writing effectively as well as they are demonstrating correct use of standard English.

Pupils are assessed in formal exam conditions at the end of the course. Pupils will also complete Speaking and Listening assessments prior to the exam.

Pupils can also study Entry Level English as deemed appropriate in consultation with their teacher.

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