In Years 10 and 11 pupils follow Edexcel GCSE in Art and Design. The course is split into 2 units. Unit 1, building a personal portfolio, is 60% of the final GCSE grade and Unit 2, the externally set task, is worth 40% of the final GCSE grade.

Independent learning is always encouraged as well as the expression of self and personality. Personal development runs alongside furthering our knowledge of a host of worldwide artists past and present. Finding your own style, using initiative and having the desire to express yourself are critical to succeeding in this subject. You can never know enough artists, encouraging learning and awareness of artists can be done anywhere at any time. Observational drawing, sketching and being visually aware of your surroundings would significantly support your final grade. There is always the option to stay after school or to work throughout lunch or break on your portfolio.

Key stage 3 Art consists of the mastery of basic skills and methods. We look at key artists and movements and explore around them. The modules are small and evolve at a fast pace. We look to build portfolios and evidence a broad range of skills and understanding of the subject with a view to moving on and accessing GCSE units in Year 10. Artists that are studied in key stage 3 include Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Rousseau and Warhol among many others. There is also an introduction around basic photography and media. We offer a look into Photoshop, editing and printing among other more ‘modern’ approaches to Art. A balance between traditional elements of Art and the modern evolution of it, is critical, as pupils find their own way. A key part of Art is expression and personality and pupils are offered the freedom to try and find this way and build on it as early as possible in their Compass journey.


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