East Zone Information

Everyone Achieving Success Together

East Zone comprises of two classes working with pupils across the secondary phase:
Violet – Key Stage 3 Nurture
Indigo – Key Stage 4 Nurture

East Zone is an area which is independent from the majority of the school providing a place for pupils who are anxious about interacting in a broader school setting.

The curriculum in East Zone has a greater focus on building pupil’s skills in learning to learn alongside academic progress.

The curriculum includes an emphasis on collaborative project working and off site opportunities. All classes are taught a personalised package of education in a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

All pupils have a daily SPICE lesson, an important aspect of our ‘learning to learn’ work. SPICE encompasses the Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional aspects of learning. Core academic learning includes: English, mathematics, PSHE, Food Technology and Project led learning.

Project led learning aims to build skills in the young people we work with to support them onwards into life and work.

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