Enterprise at Compass School
Pupils in Indigo years 10 & 11 are accessing a BTec Level 1 course in Enterprise. The group came up with several ideas for businesses. They then performed a survey with the pupils in their zone to establish the most popular business enterprise.

Food came out as the firm winner, so the group planned and cooked the following meals to sell to staff:
· Tuna Pasta Bake,
· Bacon, Egg and Sausage Sandwiches
· Brownies
· Fairy Cakes

Pupils had to then price and purchase the goods and from there work out a price for each item.
They then sold them to each zone with staff placing orders.

After the event pupils then had to work out whether they made a profit or a loss with their chosen enterprise.
The day was a great success and they made enough profit to buy some games to use in their break and lunchtimes.

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